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The benefits of outsourcing without the drawbacks

No commitment

We require no commitment on your part. We only ask for 1 week's notice the first month, and 1 month's notice thereafter.

Constant monitoring

From the very first days we setup a staging server where you can monitor at any time the latest version of your product, test it, demo it, collect user feedback, etc.

Control your priorities

You decide at any time which features to implement, and in what order. Change your priorities at any time based on a customer request, a demo for an investor, or a strategic pivot.

Trained and managed developers

All our developers are full-time employees (no freelancers). All have been trained by us, and are surrounded by several layers of management.


To ensure the highest quality, we maintain a strict methodology, based on industry best practices. We review and improve our methods constantly.

Preserve technical know-how

All the technical and functional know-how accumulated by your developers during development remain yours.

Preserve your technical know-how

If your activity is tech-based and you have no in-house tech resources, then traditional outsourcing is unsuitable. With luck — and a lot of hard work — you'll get the product you wanted. But all the technical and functional know-how accumulated during development is lost.

Yet this know-how is a precious asset; it helps you grow by making new features easier to add, and new members more easily join your development team. It enhances your firm's value in the eyes of investors.

With your dedicated team, this know-how remains your asset.

A dedicated team working exclusively for you

After analysing your requirements, we'll put in place a team of 1 or more developers, according to your budget. From that moment, this team works exclusively for you.

At any time, you can redefine your own specifications and priorities according to the demands of the moment: a request from a strategic client, a demo to potential investors, a strategic pivot following market feedback, etc.

We manage this team for you, and setup all the tools required for this to work. If you already have a CTO, we'll work with him or her and adapt to his or her methods and tools.

Total visibility = total trust

Within a few days, we'll set up a development server and a staging server, where you can monitor the progress of your team's work on a daily basis.

We following an "agile" methodology, with daily deliverables and very short development cycles (1 to 2 weeks).

According to your availability, we'll set up regular weekly or 2-weekly follow-up sessions between you and one of our consultants, where we'll review past deliverables and the next priorities.

Quality is our constant focus

All our developers are full-time employees; we don't employ freelancers. All have been trained by us, according to our metholology. They are managed by a team leader and a group manager.

They work in our offices, within our group, where they can call upon the knowledge of their colleagues when needed. Code quality is a constant focus. We review code regularly. We impose on all developers a strict and disciplined methodology.

No-commitment, flexible formula

We don't require any commitment from you. We only ask for 1 week's notice during the first month, and 1 month's notice thereafter. You can therefore adjust the size of your team according to your budget.

Our solutions

Lead developer

With 1 to 3 years of experience, he/she has or will rapidly acquire a high degree of technical proficiency in the technologies used by your project(s), a thorough understanding of your functional requirements, and a significant level of autonomy in handling his daily tasks.

From 3500/month

Junior developer

A beginner, trained intensively by us and identified by us as having outstanding potential. This is a no-risk proposition for you. If the junior developer falls short of your (or our) expectations, we’ll pull him off your account and won’t charge you.

From 2000/month

Team leader / Senior developer

With 4 to 5 years of experience, he/she posesses a high degree of technical expertise and acknowleged leadership. This service is available on a part-time basis (1⁄4, 1⁄3, 1⁄2 time). A 1/4 time team leader is mandatory for a team of 4 developers or more.

From 4500/month

Part-time CTO

Benefit from Olivier Pichon's skills and experience as your CTO, on a flexible part-time basis. Olivier Pichon combines 20 years' experience in the IT field, 20 years of entrepreneurship with a prior career in international finance. Subject to availability.

From 1950/day

Our development center

Our development centre is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal is a small landlocked country between China and India, known mainly for its mountains (Himalaya range, Mount Everest). Nepal is culturally very different from India. Time in Kathmandu is UTC/GMT + 5:45 hours (no DST). The infrastructure is good and improving every year. The country has a deep talent pool of well trained, eager to learn software developers, with very high work ethics.


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